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  • How you stack up against your local competitors (Why nearly everything you’ve been told about “what’s important to have on your website” is FALSE!!)
  • How to Re-direct 83% Of Your Competitors Phone Calls and Like A Magnet Direct Them Right To Your business….FINALLY GAIN 100% Certainty & Control Over Your City When It Comes to Marketing Your business
  • How to AVOID Google’s new “Penalty”….Meaning if you don’t have this ONE thing working for you, then no matter how much money you spend on SEO/Web Marketing…Google is going to SLAP you right off of the search pages for “doctor” in your area.
  • What keywords your potential patients are using (and how to make them work for you)
  • If you’ve been “sandboxed” by Google making it impossible for potential customers to find you
  • Whether your “friendly” local competitors are stealing your traffic
  • Why potential new patients in your neighborhood can’t find you
  • If you’ve been unknowingly “punished” by Google making it VIRTUALLY impossible for potential patients/referrals to find you…. sending your them directly to your local competition!
  • Simple ways to make your presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook or Google Local FAR better without spending any money or wasting tons of time!
  • How To Attract The “New Breed” Of Patient Who Are EASY To Convert, EASY
    To Care For & Readily Stay, Pay & Refer!!

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Greg Joseph
CEO & Marketing Expert

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